Elections Timetable

Details of these events can be found at the bottom of this page or clicking on the event will take you to the relevent section. Please note, dates are subject to change.

Mon 30th January: Nominations open online

From this date you will be able to submit your nomination online at www.suug.co.uk/elections2012.

Tue 31st January: Paper nomination forms available from SUUG and UMSA

Go to an SUUG or UMSA reception to pick up a Nomination Pack and Nomination Form

Wed 15th February, 4pm: Paper nomination form deadline

All paper nomination forms must be handed in at SUUG or UMSA receptions by this date and time

Thu 16th February: Training and Support Session, 2pm - 4pm, H217, Mansion Site, Avery Hill

Get training, helps and tips to help you through the rest of the elections period

Fri 17th February, 12pm: Nominations close online

By this date your nomination forms must have been e-mailed to the SU

Mon 20th February: Candidates Briefing, Queen Anne 075, Greenwich campus

Get info about the rest of the elections period.

Tue 21st February, 4pm: Print Manifesto deadline
Thu 23rd February, 4pm: Online Manifesto deadline and Publicity deadline

Your Manifestos must be in by this date. If you are unsure about how to write your manifesto e-mail m.mazzilli@gre.ac.uk

Publicity will be accepted up to and including Monday 27th February; however, we won't be able to guarantee that you will get the print outs back the same day. For more information on publicity materials allowed, please read page 11 our Nomination Pack.

Mon 27th – Wed 29th February: Candidate Question Time (Hustings)

One of the main events in the Election that can win you votes. You will be required to make a speech to students about why you are running, why students should vote for you and what you will do if elected. Students will also have an opportunity to ask you and the other candidates questions.

All Hustings will start at 1pm at the following dates and places:
Monday 27th February - Student Activities Room, Cooper Building, Greenwich
Tuesday 28th February - PK008, Pilkington Buiding, Medway 
Wednesday 29th February - S007, Mary Seacole Building, Southwood Site, Avery Hill


Mon 5th – Thu 8th March: Voting open across University campuses

Students will now be able to cast their votes on all three University of Greenwich campuses. 

Fri 9th March: Results counted and announced

You will find out how many votes each candidate got and if you have been elected on this date.