Get in touch with Student Activities

Student Groups

All of our student groups are led by leadership teams of current students - to get in touch with any of them please visit their specific Sports Club or Society page via the links below:


Drop-in Sessions

During Autumn and Spring terms we run weekly term-time drop-in sessions for committee members and students interested in groups, Give it a Go or volunteering.


Activities Office
(Cooper Building)

Activities Helpdesk
Avery Hill
(Southwood Students' Union Offices)

  TBC for 2016-17 Monday to Friday, 10am - 5pm

During Summer term and exam time we have fewer drop-ins, as most students are busy with exams and coursework. If you want to see a member of Activities staff during Summer term then please come to reception and they will find out who is available.


Activities Team - Staff & Officers

A team of staff and Officers work at the Union to help support the students involved in Student Activities, primarily through supporting the volunteer student committees, but also by undertaking work to plan events like Freshers, Varsity, Sports Awards, Societies Awards, Union Awards, and more!

Staff are contactable by email - will put you in touch with the whole team, or you can call or visit the Activities Helpdesk who will help you find the right person to speak to.

If your query is specifically to do with volunteering, or our Employability & Volunteering Toolkit, you can email to get a volunteering-specific response.

Vice President Student Activities

Louis Hale - 

The VPSA is elected annually to represent students in all areas relating to student activities - from student groups and Give it a Go to our bars and shops, they want to know what students want and what the Union can do to help make things happen.

Find out more about what the VPSA does and get extended contact details by clicking here.

Activities Helpdesk Team

Beth, Nat, Bethan, Sam, and Amina

The Activities Helpdesk Team are student staff who work alongside their studies to support the Activities team Coordinators and all of our student groups. Most of the team have been student group leaders and are a great first contact to find out more!

They are based at the Activities Helpdesk in Avery Hill, next to the Village Shop, and provide a weekday drop-in service to student group leaders or anyone interested in student activities.

You can call the Helpdesk on 0208 331 9596, email them at, or visit them during the Avery Hill drop-in times above.

Activities / Sports Administrators

Liz and Amina - /

Liz and Amina are student staff members who works with the Activities team during term-time alongside their studies and working on Helpdesk. Liz has worked with the team for several years, and works as our Activities Administrator based at Greenwich, supporting the whole team with admin. Amina works as our Sports Administrator, is based at Avery Hill, and supports Ben with admin for sports clubs and sports fixtures.

Because Liz and Amina work part-time, please contact them primarily through the email address, or if it is related to sports fixtures please use

Activities & Events Coordinator

Plamena Kadiyska -

Plamena is our Activities & Events Coordinator for 2016-17. She'll be working with us for a year to encourage and support students to run their own events, and run the Give it a Go programme to get more students involved in events, trips and activities.

You don't have to be in a student group to speak to Plamena about support for running an event, so get in contact if you have ideas!

Contact Plamena at, or visit her in the Activities Office on the ground floor of Cooper Building, or at our Avery Hill Offices on Southwood Site.

Societies Development Coordinator

Elie Howes -

Elie joined us in March 2017 as our Societies Development Coordinator. This is a new role for 2016-17, working to support societies specifically with their activities, events, trips, and general development. Elie has lots of experience with societies from her time at Uni and is excited to help our societies grow!

Elie is usually based in the Activities Office on the ground floor of Cooper Building, Greenwich, but does work at Avery Hill occasionally, and can be contacted on

Sports Participation Coordinator

Ben Porter -

Ben is our key full-time staff member for supporting and developing sports provision, both through supporting our student-led sports clubs, and by running and developing our Get Active programme. He works closely with Amina, our Sports Administrator, to support sports clubs and their regular fixtures, as well as leading the team of Get Active Leadership volunteers to host a range of Get Active opportunities.

Contact Ben at, or visit him at the Avery Hill Students' Union Offices at Southwood Site (Seymour Court, next to the Village Shop).

Student Activities Manager

Cath Taylor -

Cath works full-time at the Students' Union, overseeing and managing the staff and volunteers involved in all areas of Student Activities.

Most of Cath's work involves making sure that everything is running smoothly and all legal responsibilities are being met, as well as liaising with Union and University staff to support the VPSA in helping develop the extra-curricular offer at Greenwich. She takes a lead in organising big projects and events like Union Awards, Varsity, Sports & Societies Awards, and all the non-commercial aspects of Freshers Fortnight.

It's usually best to contact the whole team at rather than Cath directly, but if you do have queries or concerns that you feel need to be addressed to a manager, or wish to make a complaint regarding the Activities department then you can contact her at