Venue Policies

Right Of Admission Reserved
Valid Forms of ID: Passport or Photographic Driving Licence (Resource cards are not proof of age)

General Conditions of Entry

  • No re-admission to events.
  • All guests must be over 21 and present photographic ID.
  • No admission after 10.50pm (Bar Latitude Only).
  • The appropriate admission fee must be paid.
  • Members, staff and guests are required to observe the policies of the Union.
  • Members banned by the Union or pending a disciplinary hearing are not permitted entry into the Union's bars and venues.
  • Members disciplined by the University under the terms of the Partnership Disciplinary Agreement between the Students' Union and the University are not permitted entry into the Union’s bars and venues.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted on licenced premises, with the exception of children in designated areas at the discretion of the licensee.
  • Admission will be refused to members, staff and guests who appear or act in a manner that gives rise to reasonable suspicion that they may be under the influence of drink or controlled substances.
  • The Students' Union and the University operate a no drugs policy, any breach in this policy will be reported to the police.
  • Breaches of these regulations will be dealt with under the Union’s Disciplinary Procedures.

House Rules

  • Alcohol must not be brought onto the premises.
  • Glasses or bottles must NOT be taken OFF Union Premises.
  • Members must give up their NUS Extra card upon request from Union Staff on Duty.
  • Resources cards should be given up for photocopying purposes, but will be returned.
  • Patrons should leave promptly and quietly at the close of business as directed by Union staff.
  • Anti-social behaviour may result in ejection and disciplinary action against members.
  • Vandalism of Union property will not be tolerated. The Union will pursue the recovery of the cost of the damage.
  • Fighting is an automatic disciplinary offence for members and Union staff. University staff will be reported to their departmental head. In all cases, members, guests and staff will be ejected and where appropriate the police called.
  • Patrons must adhere to instructions given by Union staff, on duty, at all times.
  • Patrons must abide by the Safe Spaces Policy.

Admission Policy

Admission to Students Union facilities, bars and events will be granted to the following:

  1. University of Greenwich students on production of a valid Resource card or NUS Extra Card.
  2. Students of other universities and Higher Educational establishments on production of a Valid NUS Extra card.
  3. Life Members of the Union on production of their membership card.
  4. Union and University staff on production of their Resource card.
  5. Bona-fide guests of members or students, from other universities / Higher Education establishments who have been signed in and pay the appropriate admission fee.
  6. Students of University Greenwich associated colleges where the student is over 18 years and on the production of photographic ID.
  7. Persons attending or organising functions authorised by SUUG.
  • Members and students from other universities / Higher Education establishments are permitted one bona-fide guest.
  • Students from Further Education Establishments are not permitted entry into the Union’s licenced bars and venues unless associated to University of Greenwich.
  • Students in category B will have their NUS Extra card retained for the duration of their visit.
  • Guests must arrive and leave with the member or student permitted to sign them in and must not remain on the premises after the member or student has left.
  • Guests are required to produce satisfactory photographic ID, which may be retained, to gain entry.
  • Members are responsible for their guests and subject to disciplinary action for any unacceptable behaviour of their guests.
  • Members are liable for the cost of any damage caused by their guest.