Student Leadership Elections

Each year, the Students’ Union hosts two campus wide Elections. One in Autumn where you elect your Faculty Officers, National Union of Students Delegates, Chair of Student Council and one in the Spring where you elect the Full-time Sabbatical Officers and Part-Time Officers.

Every single student at the University (some 20,000 are eligible to vote!) has the right and responsibility to participate – whether that’s as a candidate or by making your voice heard!

You don’t need any prior experience to run in the Elections or to vote and your voice has a huge impact. The Students’ Union wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for your ideas, passion, and opinions.


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How to nominate yourself



Thinking of running?

Interested in making a change for Students at Greenwich while gaining experience and employability skills?

Find out more about the roles you can run for, and what support we offer you through our Thinking of Running booklet

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Find a role

There are five different types of position up for election in the Autumn Elections. So have a browse through the job descriptions and find one which suits your interests, time commitments and skills you want to develop.

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Made your decision on which role to go for?

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You’ll need to start thinking of what you want to change for students through your role. The method you’ll use to let students know your ideas is a 300 word manifesto. You can download the manifesto remplate for you to fill in here.

You’ll also get more help with how to write a manifesto at the training session on the 18th of October.



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Thought of someone who’d be great at one of these roles?


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