Elections 2013


Your Union Needs You! Get Involved and make your voice heard!

The Students' Union is run by University of Greenwich students for University of Greenwich students. 

Each year we ask you to elect these student officers to represent students' views inside and outside of the University and the Elections are your chance to get involved and make a difference! Standing for office and getting involved in the elections is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s your chance to lead your Union!

There are four paid full-time 'Sabbatical Officer' positions and eleven 'Part-time Officer' positions. There are also seven 'NUS' Delegate' positions. 

The full-time Sabbatical positions are:
- President
- VP Campaigns and Welfare
- VP Education
- VP Student Activities

The eleven Part-time Officer positions are:
- Black Students' Officer
- Disabled Students' Officer
- LGBT+ Students' Officer
- Mature Students' Officer
- Women Students' Officer
- International Students' Officer
- Postgraduate and Part-time Students' Officer
- Avery Hill Campus Officer
- Greenwich Campus Officer
- Medway Campus Officer
- Volunteering Officer

All University of Greenwich students on the three main campuses can stand or vote in the elections!

  • Candidates may, upon written notification to and approval from the Returning Officer or her nominees, use the internet for the purpose of publicising their candidacy. Therefore, if you are intending to use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc to publicise your campaign, please e-mail elections@gre.ac.uk informing us about it. Once, your request is approved, you can start campaigning.

  • Candidates and their campaigners can post messages to Club and Society Facebook groups/profiles/pages provided all candidates are able to do so (e.g. not a private access group where only some people are let in, and no deleting only certain candidates/campaigners posts).

  • Clubs and Societies cannot use the Club/Society social media group/page/profile/account to endorse or show preference to certain candidates – this could be through posting a message or inviting to a group/page/etc.

  • Clubs and Societies can use Club/Society social media groups/pages/profiles/accounts to endorse the idea of voting, and to encourage all members to do so.