Poker League

Friday 03 February 2017
5pm - 11pm
Cooper Building, King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9JH, London

The University of Greenwich Poker League is coming back this Friday, the 3th. A multi table No Limit Hold'em Poker Tournament will take place in the Cooper Building, King William Walk, Greenwich, SE10 9JH, London.

Registration start: 16:15
Tournament start: 16:45
Starting stack: 10000 chips
Starting blind level: 25/50

Buy-ins: £5 or £3*
Re-buys (2 available): £5 for 10000 chips
Add-on: £5 for 15000 chips

*For University of Greenwich Poker Society members and dedicated dealers

Who can play?
Everyone who is over 18 years old, with an exception for people who are 18-21 and are not students of University of Greenwich.

How do I register and reserve a spot?
Early registration is possible only for society members members, players will have to buy-in on the day of the tournament.

What are the prizes?
The prizepool will be split depending on the number of entrants:

1 – 5 players:
First Prize:100%, Second Prize: Free Entry*
6 – 12 players:
First Prize:70%, Second Prize: 30%, Third Prize: Free Entry*
9 – 15 players:
First Prize: 50%, Second Prize: 30%, Third Prize: 20%, Fourth Prize: Free Entry*
16- 25 players:
First Prize: 50%, Second Prize: 25%, Third Prize: 15%, Fourth Prize: 10%, Fifth Prize: Free Entry*
25- 32 players:
Top six 40%, 25%, 20%, 10%, 5%, Free Entry*

Free Entry - Free buy-in for the next week's tournament.