Honorary Lifetime Membership

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Nominations are open for Honorary Life Memberships

Overall, the Honorary Lifetime Membership Committee received a whopping 34 nominations! We are incredibly #ProudToBeGRE of all our students, and reading through some of the nominations was really heart-warming. The award of Honorary Lifetime Membership is the highest accolade that can be awarded, and those who are successful receive the following;

- Entry into SU venues, and with entry and food/drink/promotions at student prices
- The opportunity to join our Clubs and Societies, and play in non-restricted fixtures. (Club / Society Associate Membership fee applies)
- Our What’s On emails to be kept up to date with our activities and events (you can unsubscribe at any time)
- The chance to take part in volunteering opportunities to help enhance your employability
- 25% reduction on hire cost of SU spaces


Those who were successful in receiving the award for this academic year, are:

Matthew Tragheim – final year, Primary Education (2-Year Accelerated Degree)

“Matt is always going above and beyond to support other people and make improvements at the University of Greenwich”

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more”

“Matt has been an active voice for so many students in his role as our rep, but also just being a friend”


Seneo Mwamba – final year, Events Management

“Seneo has been a massive part of the SU […] she has volunteered countless hours to the SU and has gone above and beyond in her role”

“Her continuous engagement and deep care for the SU has made it shameful not to recognise her efforts”


Julie Copley – final year, Midwifery 

“As President of the University of Greenwich’s Midwifery Society, Julie has worked tirelessly to not only put on some amazing events, she has also cooked up a storm for them”

“She truly is an incredible example of not only a great student society President but also embodies the spirit of Midwifery in all she does”

“Her kindness, selflessness and the quiet way in which she identifies ways to help others (and then does it without fuss or need for recognition) makes her an exceptional woman”


Jack Bray – final year, Physical Education and Sport

“Jack has contributed a massive amount to the development of the Students’ Union and sport within Greenwich throughout his time at University”

“He has given up hundreds of hours of his time, even during exams, coursework or dissertation writing to better the opportunities for others at Greenwich”


Bhavnesh Thanki – final year, Economics

“Has given a lot to the Students’ Union especially regarding sport”

“Bhav is an outstanding representative of the SU”

“He has gone above and beyond in everything he has done for the Students’ Union and deserves to be given this outstanding award”


Well done to everyone who was nominated, and a massive congratulations to all those who were successful! 



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Nominations are open for Honorary Life Memberships

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