Microwave in the Dome

Do you see something at the university that you eagerly want to change? Or do you have an idea for the university that you want to share? Tell us! The Student Union has introduced the ChangeOneThing initiative, where you can now submit whatever you have in mind. With as little or as much detail you’d like, doesn’t matter - just give us something to work with!


When your idea gets approved, it is time to start telling everybody about it. You need 30 votes to get your idea to Student Council. Or if you want to support others’ recommendations, scroll down the list of proposed ideas and vote for those you support.


We won’t leave you hanging in the dark either! We will always try and let you know what is happening with your campaign, our next steps and what you could do to help us. 


If your idea has gone to Student Council and been approved, it’s happening! Now just sit back and see your ideas flourish! The first idea is already a reality! You suggested having a microwave in the Dome to heat your lunches and we listened. It’s there!


Tell your friends as well! Maybe they could change something too?