Speak to the Union's Leadership team

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Elections - speak to the Union's Leadership team

If you want to find out more about your SU, our Senior Leadership Team are happy for you to reach out to them for information and a chat! All of our staff are committed to ensuring you have the best student experience possible, and help make that happen in different ways. The people listed below are the senior leadership of the SU, and are all experts in their areas.

Talking to staff who work at the SU is a great way to get ideas for your manifesto, and to chat through your ideas for the future of the Students’ Union!

Our Chief Executive leads our staff team and looks after the Union's development, making sure we are running an excellent SU for students. If you want to find out more about how the organisation is run, contact John Schless J.Schless@greenwich.ac.uk.

Our Head of Membership leads on the development of services and opportunities for our membership (aka, students!) This includes Advice, Representation, Sports, and Societies. If you want to find out more about our opportunities, contact Kate Dawson K.Dawson@greenwich.ac.uk.

Our Head of Commercial is in charge of all our venues and commercial services (e.g. Bar Latitude, Sparrows, Village Shop), as well as bringing in money for the SU to help students! If you want to find out more about how we run and develop our venues, contact Lisa Connellan L.Connellan@greenwich.ac.uk.

Our Head of Marketing and Communications leads on our communications and outreach to students, making sure everyone knows about all the fantastic opportunities available! If you want to find out more about our marketing and communications, contact Shakira Hylton S.Hylton@greenwich.ac.uk.

Our Head of Finance and Compliance makes sure we are running a financially stable organisation, and that we are up to date with any essential legal requirements so we can continue to support students. If you want to find out more about what we do to run a viable and stable organisation, contact Kadiatu Songu K.Songu@greenwich.ac.uk.


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