Team Greenwich

Did you know we have 16 Sports teams? The University of Greenwich has a fantastic record of achievement in sport on both a competitive and non-competitive level and compete against other universities throughout the country in BUCS and SESSA leagues, alongside the RFU, FA and others. All our clubs are open to all new members, whether you are trying a sport for the first time or you are an experienced player.

You may or may not know the University has broken ground on our new playing fields at Avery Hill. We are so pleased that we share a common vision, that this is a vital development for sport at Greenwich. The development includes the fields, accommodating Rugby, Football, Hockey, American Football, Lacrosse and Ultimate Frisbee, and changing facilities for the players. We will continue to fight for further development now that the change has begun to allow more storage space for sporting equipment and we need your support and feedback about how we can make these new fields a home for Team Greenwich.

What will these new fields mean for you? How can we more effectively tell people that this is now our house? We are looking for Team Greenwich’s core values. It might be Courage, or perhaps Determination?  Send the words that define Team Greenwich for you to We’ll then choose five that will become synonymous with the fields and will play a proud part of our opening party this autumn.

Your Vice President of Student Activities Louis Hale has written about how joining a Sports Team can change your university experience, check it out here!

Information on how to join a sports team can be found here

If we don’t have a sports team for you then you always start your own. Find out more information here