VP Student Activities Update

As we start a new year I’m super excited to announce I’m starting a blog about Team Greenwich & Societies @ Greenwich. I’m going to include some highlights from our student groups and some things I’m working on as Vice President Student Activities (VPSA).

There was so much great student group activity in Term 1, so to pick just one thing to highlight is truly tough! For my inaugural post I’d like to reflect on one of our stand out sports teams, Mens Rugby Union. They’ve had a tremendous run so far this season with a record of five wins and one draw in the BUCS South Eastern 5B Division.

Jonathan Smith is a member of the Team Greenwich Executive Committee that consults and makes decisions on issues that affect sports teams at Greenwich. He’s also Mens Rugby Captain. He told me that “It’s been an incredibly enjoyable season so far,” and that he believes “our results reflect all the hard work put in by the players and coaching staff.” When asked about the team and his favourite thing about playing this season, he expressed that “despite injuries the team banded together and still managed to dominate on the field even with players playing out of position.” It’s incredible to hear about such great displays of sportsmanship and teamwork - I know this is commonplace behaviour within all our teams. Their next home game is at Well Hall on Wednesday 31st January and I know I’m not alone in wishing the team all the best for the rest of their season.

I’m pleased to report that I’m excited for my last few months at the Students’ Union. I have lots of projects to finish and round off before my term ends. Something I’m really excited to tell you all about is Varsity which is on Wednesday 28th March at the Avery Hill Campus. This year we’ve torn up the rule book of what a Varsity can and should be by focusing on creating a unique experience for everyone that attends or competes. Look out for more information on our website, www.suug.co.uk in the next few weeks.

There will be more updates from me on Sports and Societies soon. I aim to update you all at least once every 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy it and if there’s anything you’d like to know, just drop me an email and I’ll include it in the next post! L.C.R.Hale@gre.ac.uk