Village shop

The Village Shop is just that, a shop based in a village. We’re a small convenience store which sells a bit of everything which we hope will cover all those daily needs. Avery Hill (Southwood site) is where the halls of residence are with 1300 students living there at one time.

- We sell: Groceries, household items, toiletries, bread, fresh and frozen food, soft drinks, hot drinks, hot food, fresh sandwiches, confectionary, clothing, gifts travel cards, Oyster top up, mobile top up and international phone cards, clothing and gifts, toiletries and household items. We also sell locally sourced produce.

- ATM next to the shop


Opening times

Monday 19th: 08:30am – 00:00am

Tuesday 20th: 08:30am – 00:00am

Wednesday 21st: 08:30am – 02:00am

Thursday 22nd: 08:30am – 00:00am

Friday 23rd: 08:30am – 03:00am

Saturday 24th: 10am – 21:00pm

Sunday 25th: 10am – 21:00pm


If there is an event at Sparrows Bar, we will usually be open 1 hour AFTER Sparrows closes but this is dependent on the level of trade.

All times are subject to change without notice and are dependant on trade and other circumstances that are deemed out of our control.


Find us

Southwood Site, Avery Hill Campus
Avery Hill Rd, SE9 2UG,  London