Societies Awards is where we come together to celebrate our societies, their achievements this year, and our brilliant society leaders.

A wide range of awards are presented, including the coveted Society of the Year award, as well as celebrating those who will be graduating and have achieved Society Service Awards for their commitment and success during their time at Greenwich.

Check out last years’ winners for a list of what will be presented on the night, and start getting excited for celebrating another great year for Societies at Greenwich!

When? Monday 24 April, starting 6pm
Where? Trafalgar Tavern, Park Row, Greenwich, SE10 9NW
How much?

£15 students
£20 guests


UPDATE! We've listened to your feedback, and because loans aren't in until the day of the awards, you now have the option to reserve your place for free! We've also got an extention on ticket sales - we have a limited number overall so they are on sale until we sell out!

Reserving a place

If you're struggling to get your ticket before your third term loan comes in, you can now reserve a place at Societies Awards for free.

You'll need to submit attendee names and which society you want to be seated with when you reserve your place, and you'll need to pay the cost of your ticket before the day of the event. If you reserve a place you'll have until Thursday 20 April to let us know if you aren't able to attend - after then you will need to pay the cost of the ticket, or sell your place on to another student.

Reserve your place

Ticket Sales

As we know the student loan doesn’t always stretch as far as you like, we’re continuing to offer the option to students to pay a deposit now and the remaining balance when term 3 loans come in just before the event. You can also purchase full price tickets now, and all tickets include a hot buffet meal.

You will be asked the full names of attendees when purchasing your ticket. If you need to change this please email with the full name of who is no longer attending, and the full name of who that ticket should now be allocated to.

We have to confirm numbers for food to the venue ahead of the event, so the deadline of Monday 17 April is final for deposit and full price tickets. After that date the only option will be to pay the remaining balance to make a deposit into a full ticket. If you decide to not attend after purchasing your deposit you must inform before the ticket deadline or you will still need to pay the remaining balance.

Buy Tickets

Deadlines for Tickets

Ticket deadline (deposit & full price):       on sale until the limited number sell out!
Remaining Balance deadline:                   1pm, Monday 24 April**
** [only available if you have purchased a deposit ticket or reserved a place before the deadline]

Seating Plan

You will be asked when purchasing your ticket which society you wish to attend with. This will be the society you will be sat as part of during the event. We will place societies on tables of 8-10, which may be shared with other societies depending on the numbers.

After the ticket deadline the Society Chairs will be sent lists of who is attending from that society to allocate individual seating. We suggest speaking to friends and other members and sorting this beforehand as much as possible!

Society Chairs – if you have any questions about this please get in contact with Plamena at




The majority of the awards presented on the night have the same nomination & voting system – anyone can nominate any society or individual (including your own society/yourself), and then each society votes to collectively decide the winner.

Nominations will be open until midday, Friday 7th April, for any student or staff member to submit as many nominations as they wish.

Nomination Forms

A nomination shortlist for each award is then compiled ready for society voting. Shortlists are created by the VPSA and Activities Manager checking that the nomination is valid – the criteria for validity is whether they feel the details given in the nomination have sufficiently answered the questions asked in the nomination form.

Nomination shortlists will be sent to Society Chairs by Monday 10 April at the very latest for the society to collectively choose who they wish to vote for. We expect being able to send the shortlist earlier than that date. Voting is done using the same method as the SU Officer Elections, where you put in order your preference of clubs/individuals shortlisted for that award.

Societies need to return their votes to Plamena ( by midday, Wednesday 19 April.


Society Service Awards

A Society Service Award is for a graduating student in recognition of the time, effort and dedication they have given to a society during their time at the University of Greenwich. All categories of the Societies Service Awards are to recognise where a student has contributed to the betterment of student life through their involvement.

The three levels of Society Service Awards are Commendable, Outstanding, and Significant. Anyone can nomination any society member for any (or all) of the levels, and this is done through online nomination forms.

A panel of SU staff and Officers then look over the nominations, and a decision is made for each nomination which, if any, level of Society Service will be awarded.

The deadline for nominations for Society Service Awards is the same as the deadline for other Societies Awards, midday on Friday 31 March.

Nomination Forms