Throughout the year, we’ll be leading on dozens of campaigns to ensure that your university experience is the best it can be. Here’s just a taster of what students have told us are top priorities. So if you would like to get stuck in and help us campaign, then be sure to reach out to us! 

Below you can view the priority campaigns for SUUG for 16/17. Each campaign is being led by one of your Officers. If you have questions or want to be involved then drop them an email.

Chill on the Hill (Avery Hill Social Space)

With the Student Hub opening in Medway after Freshers and Dreadnought on the Greenwich Campus in a few years, it is easy to think “What about Avery Hill?” This year’s campaign looks at using student consultation on what they would like in terms of social space to lobby the University for the facilities those living and studying on that campus deserve and will use. We will be running various surveys, roadshows and focus groups for you to give your views on the development of Avery Hill so keep an eye out if you would like to work towards somewhere more than the Dome for Social Space!

Sexual Violence Policy

Did you know that nearly 1 in 5 students are sexually harassed in just their first week of coming to University? In recent years we have made progressive steps as a Students’ Union to create a zero tolerance safe space towards sexual harassment and assault but it’s time the University caught up with us. This year we will be working with the University to create a sexual violence policy that will mean that students have somewhere to go if they find themselves sexually assaulted whilst at University and the University will have to do something about it.

Mind Matters

We plan to work on improving the mental health of our students by ensuring the University carry out a review of their support services and provisions. We'll also aim to look at sexual health within our University, and look to work with local charities to identify how we can raise awareness that you lovely people are safe while getting to know eachother!

Your Hall Your Call

We plan to run a big consultation piece asking you what you think of Halls at two key-stages throughout the year. We'll then write this up in a report in order to tell the University what the key findings are – so watch this space, and look out for Luke Ellis, your VP Welfare around all three campuses to tell him what you think!

Student Safety

Our students deserve to be safe whilst they are here at Greenwich, and therefore we intend to ensure this is at the top of the Union’s priority list. A one-size policy will be created that will turn in to a pledge – which we will then roll out into the local community. No student should feel unsafe whilst they are here and we plan to emphasise that to all of our students.

Liberate My Degree

We plan to put liberation back at the heart of everything the Union does. We also want to empower our Liberation PTOs to achieve their manifesto pledges successfully and make a true difference in their role. Part of this campaign will also look at attainment gaps within our University and how we can lobby the University to acknowledge this and do something about it! This will also link well with our Liberation Months, which we plan to have fully-packed out and run with a purposeful campaign that seeks to inform students!

Making Greenwich Students more Employable

This campaign comes from a deep rooted belief that your employability is about so much more than the grade you leave university with. I’ll focus on strengthening our resources and guidance alongside a review of our current employability tools both at the university and the union.

Something for Everyone

This campaign comes from a deep rooted belief that your employability is about so much more than the grade you leave university with. I’ll focus on strengthening our resources and guidance alongside a review of our current employability tools both at the university and the union.

Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)

This year the government announced a Higher Education bill that will lead to the biggest change in Higher Education in over a decade. This bill proposed the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This is a framework that will see the government monitoring and assessing the quality of teaching within England’s Universities. The rating system of this framework I likely to be linked with a raise of tuition fees. We believe that excellence teaching is a right for students, as is education and there should not be a price tag on this! We are working with the university to ensure that students are being treated as partners in this process. We successfully lobbied the university and with that secured a student task group that will be used to do a direct student consultation for the final TEF submission in December.

Quality doesn’t Grow on Fees

The new legislation proposes that the three different rating levels of TEF can be linked with a raise in tuition fees. This, however, is optional and up to each institution to choose if they want to implement this. Having a raise of tuition fees based on a ranking will only lead to institution pitting on providers against each other to chase income in a needlessly competition. Whilst institutions should collaborate, help and raise each other. This campaign is about raising the awareness that the teaching quality and student experience does NOT grow on fees.

National DEMO: United for Education

Education should be a basic right for everyone! Unfortunately, this is not the case. Higher Education is under attack like never before. Further Education Colleges have been cut to the core, with huge job losses in course closures. In Higher Education, the fees keep on rising to these insane unfordable amounts. NHS bursaries and maintenance grants are being scrapped. Student loan terms have changed without any clear communications to students. Tuition fees set to reach £12,000 by 2016! This is ridiculous and enough is enough! It is time to take a stand.

NUS (National Union of Students) and UCU (the University & College Union) have joined forces and organised a National Demo on Saturday, the 19th of November. As we are aware that all these changes and cuts are affecting our students, we will join in on the Demo to raise awareness to our students as well as to send a clear message to Theresa May.

Transparency in Course Costs

We believe that university is expensive enough as it is. In addition, you would think it is safe to assume that once you pay £9,000 pound per academic year it would cover all course related costs. Unfortunately, this is not always to case. We believe that the University needs to show transparency around this by publishing a list that is available to everybody, around any hidden costs that could influence students. They should also provide information on cheapest recommended options within, or around campus.

‘Free’ Printing

With the amount of tuition fees that each student pays there should be free printing and we do want to strive for this! However we do believe it is a basic necessity that students receive free printing when this is mandatory to their course. Or if would help them to make education more accessible due to their disability.

Programme Representatives

Students’ feedback is the key to improve and assure a good student experience! That’s why we and the University find it so important to hear back from students. We have been closely working together to improve the communication stream, as well as the University wide recognition for Programme Representatives. For the rest of the year we will continue the lobby, and work with the University to empower its Programme Representatives by giving them the confidence and support they need to deliver the best representing quality for their cohort. Furthermore we will introduce a new training programme that is accessible to all students that have been elected to be a Programme Representative.

Student Led Teaching Awards (SLTA)

The Student Led Teaching awards are an annual event that acknowledges the lectures and staff members within the University of Greenwich who are committed to delivering the best possible teaching and supervision within the student experience. These awards are completely student led to ensure true authenticity for the recognition that staff member receive. This means that; only students can nominate staff members and that they will be sitting on the decision making board that discusses the nominees and winners.

Even more important, this event opens plenty of job (experience) and volunteering opportunities for our students that helps them to create transferable skills that they can take on in their future employment after graduating!