Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council (SC) is the main governing body of your Students’ Union. All major policy decisions must go through Council in order to come into effect. So if you want to make a positive change at the Students’ Union or the University, this is where you should get involved. Any student can attend a Student Council meeting.

Your elected representatives are the voting members of Council, but any student can attend and observe a Council meeting. Furthermore, any student can submit a motion, request to present, or question their elected representatives.

Who Attends Student Council? 

Student Council is attended by representatives elected by students. These representatives are the Sabbatical Officers (link), Part-Time Officers (link), Faculty Officers (link), as well as five sports and five society representatives.

Any student can attend a Student Council meeting, just get in touch with the Student Voice team to let us know!

What happens at Student Council?

The basic structure for student Council is as follows:

  • The meeting begins with the apologies - This is a chance for the Chair to check who has sent apologies so they can be noted as being absent from the meeting, if you ever can’t attend a meeting please just send your apologies through a member of the Student Voice staff team.
  • After this comes the Chair’s announcements - At this point the Chair will make Council aware of anything they need to know or any recent developments.
  • Sometimes there is a section for Elections and related business, however this won’t always happen but if there has been any election results or news, this will be reported at this point.
  • Reports are then given by the Sabbatical Officers, Part Time Officers and Faculty Officers. This is also the time that any work of Council Committees can be addressed. Afterwards, everyone gets a chance to question anything which has been addressed (or not addressed!) in a report. There is the opportunity for discussion and clarification in the interest of transparency.
  • The final portion is the Motions and Amendments. A motion outlines the facts of an issue, proposes what the Union’s stance should be, and what action it should take to attempt to resolve it. An example of this is below.

How do I submit a motion?

To submit your own motion, please download the ‘New Motion Template’ form.

Complete it and send it back to us via email. If you have any questions or just want to talk it through then drop us an email!

How do I debate a Motion?

Once a motion is proposed there is an opportunity to debate it. To make sure you’re are prepared, below is an example of the structure of the debate

When is the next Meeting and what’s on the Agenda?

The next meeting is on the 14th of November at Greenwich Campus in room QA075 and the Agenda will be uploaded here shortly.

The agenda and meeting minutes from the previous meetings over 2015/16 can be found HERE

If you have any questions about Student Council please contact Heather Doon, Student Voice Manager on