Advice Service



The SUUG Advice Service provides free, independent and confidential advice and assistance on academic, legal, and practical problems. No problem is too big or too small for us, but getting advice might help make it more manageable for you.

We can advice on a wide range of issues including:

- Academic : Appeals, Complaints, Academic offences, Extenuating circumstances, Disciplinary procedures
- Housing : Tenancy agreements, Eviction, Disrepair, Disputes, Deposits
- Health & Wellbeing : Health, Family, Personal safety
- Money : Student finance, Tuition fees, Access to Learning Fund (ALF), Budgeting, Debt, Benefits
- Other Issues : Anti-social behaviour, Bullying and Harassment, Disability rights.

What students say

“Help at the SU was all I needed.”

“I did not have any problems contacting an adviser.”

“I was emailed back almost straight away with some short term advice and told by my adviser that he would look into my options more and get back to me which he did very quickly.”

“Excellent service, polite and relaxed.”

“My adviser was excellent, he calmed me down and helped me with the email complaint.”

“Very pleased with quick and reassuring response.”

“I had excellent support and advice.”

“I am now happy and progressing with my studies.”

“They are very friendly and hospitable.”

“Very understanding to my specific needs.”

“The reply was better than I expected. Class A service. Better service than anything I have received from any government or private organisation.”

“Gave me a lot of options.”

“Very impressed and pleased.”

“I am very pleased with the level of detail and care that was given by my adviser. He was prompt with replying to emails. I feel he looked thoroughly into my case and gave me a multitude of options of how to deal with the problems I have been having. He was friendly and pleasant to deal with and cannot thank him enough for his support.”

“I had no idea of the best path to take before the advice and also the best way to explain and put forward my point, it is undoubtable that both the right path and right way to approach the subject really helped my situation.”

“My well written complaint (due to the adviser's input on structure and content) served me well.”

“He gave the right advice and was very helpful.”

“Would use again, very good.”

“My problem was resolved very quickly and don't think it would have been if I hadn't of come and seen an advisor and received their help.”

“Totally satisfied.”

“Simply I got all I needed.”

“Now I feel like I can actually settle into uni and concentrate on my studies, which I previously felt unable to do.”

“He pointed me to the right direction.”

“It was awesome, thank you for the help!”

“The service is excellent.”

“My adviser made me feel much better about my situation and I felt glad that I had consulted the SU over my case. I felt less stressed about my situation after my first visit.”


If we cannot help you with your issue, we will usually be able to refer you to an agency that can.


Please remember:

Our Service Standards explain what students can expect from the service and what the service expects from student members. Click here to view the Service Standards.